Organic Farming To Mitigate climate change

Organic agriculture has a significant role to play in addressing two of the world’s biggest and most urgent issues: climate change and food security. The aim of this guide is to explain how climate change mitigation and adaptation and food security are inseparable and inherent characteristics of organic agriculture. Organic agriculture has well established practices that simultaneously mitigate climate change, build resilient farming systems, reduce poverty and improve food security. Organic agriculture emits much lower levels of greenhouse gases (GHG), and quickly, affordably and effectively sequesters carbon in the soil

  • Health effects and Environmental effects
  • Push pull strategy
  • Organophosphate and Carbamate pesticides
  • Sulfonylurea herbicides and bio pesticides.
  • Organic dust toxic syndrome

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Organicfarming 2017
Organicfarming 2017
Organicfarming 2017
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