Agro Ecology

Agro ecology is the investigation of natural procedures connected to farming creation frameworks. The prefix agro-alludes to farming. Conveying natural standards to hold up under in agro ecosystems can recommend novel administration approaches that would not generally be considered. The term is frequently utilized loosely and may allude to "a science, a development. “Agro ecologists study an assortment of agro ecosystems, and the field of agro ecology is not connected with any one specific technique for cultivating, whether it be natural, coordinated, or traditional; serious or broad. Despite the fact that it has a great deal more regular deduction and standards with a portion of the before specified cultivating frameworks.
  • Biological Control of Weeds by means of Plant Pathogens
  • Significance for Integrated Weed Management in Modern Agro-Ecology
  • Post-Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetable Stems
  • Studies on Sustainable Agro-Ecology System of Sweet Sorghum
  • Ecological Sustainability in Farming Systems Analysis

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