Domesticated animals are tamed creatures brought up in a farming setting to deliver items, for example, nourishment, fiber, and work. The term is regularly used to allude exclusively to those raised for sustenance, and now and then just cultivated ruminants, for example, steers and goats. As of late, a few associations have likewise raised domesticated animals to advance the survival of uncommon breeds. The rearing, support, and butcher of these creatures, known as creature cultivation, is a segment of cutting edge horticulture that has been polished in numerous societies since humankind's move to cultivating from seeker gatherer ways of life

  • Biodiversity and agriculture
  • Biodiversity and ecological services
  • Biodiversity and human health
  • Biodiversity, business and industry
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Evolutionary diversification
  • Convention of Biological Diversity

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Organicfarming 2017
Organicfarming 2017
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